Design for Additive

Additive allows for the creation of unique part geometries that are not readily achievable with traditional manufacturing techniques. However, taking full advantage of this design freedom requires experience and technical expertise with a multitude of different design softwares.   We can help.



We can design around specific tolerance constraints, minimize support structures, and adhere to design requirements in a manner that simplifies production while retaining full functionality.


Light Weighting

With additive, the value proposition of material reduction has far-reaching positive impacts on production time and cost.  The modernization of design is shifting towards weight optimization and we can help get you there.


Topology Optimization

Using the latest software advancements, you can take full advantage of additive manufacturing's design freedom.  Topology Optimization finds the best distribution of material given an optimization goal and a set of constraints.


We can help you realize what is possible when designing for additive.