Each order that comes through our door is thoroughly reviewed for manufacturability and repeatability by real engineers. Working with Auxetic means you get quality parts that have been visually and dimensionally inspected in short turnaround times.  Our rapid 3D Printing service is the preferred choice for product designers and engineers everywhere.

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Low-Cost Solutions to Traditional Manufacturing

Every player in manufacturing has winced at the high-priced “setup costs” and vast “minimum order quantites” associated with bringing a product to life. Additive manufacturing needs no tooling, requires no setup, and demands no quantity. Auxetic has the know-how to keep your costs low and your designs smart by providing the right manufacturing consultation (DFAM) for every request.


Fast, Effective, and Functional

The only thing better than having a great product idea is seeing that idea come to life. Regain your competitive advantage by join the forefront of designers and engineers who are innovating faster and getting to market sooner through Auxetic’s 3D printing services.


Protecting Intellectual Property with Local Manufacturing

Organizations that allow their ideas to travel overseas run the risk of losing them overseas. At Auxetic, we know that the first leap can be the scariest, but we can help alleviate those fears with cost-competitive and local manufacturing solutions so that you can focus on the stuff that really matters. By keeping manufacturing stateside, your intellectual property is safe with us.

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