You’ve finally figured it out. That perfect part or that perfect product in that perfect niche. You’ve got your backing, your market research, and your customers.

You are an entrepreneur. Except the only thing holding you back is how to get it made.

Whether it be a venture-backed concept or crowdfunded idea, Auxetic is there to help you bring your ideas to life and make real parts. With Auxetic’s 3D printing services, we can support your product’s alpha launch, pick up the manufacturing slack from a bleeding kickstarter campaign, or be a lifeline when you just need 50 little pieces and not 50,000.

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Reliable B2B Supply Chain

Whether you need one or a hundred, hiccups in your supply chain can cost you not just money, but valuable time. With no startup costs, Auxetic provides flexiblity in both quantity and lead time for components in established product lines and crowdfunded ideas. Our 3D printing service ensures you get to market and stay at market.


Scale Your Reach Without Scaling Your Overhead

Making your own parts is a great way to start strong, but also a fast way to peak hard. Scrappy designers have transitioned to savvy businesspeople by knowing their own limitations. By leveraging an experienced production shop like Auxetic, entrepreneurs can focus on building their business while leaving their manufacturing in trusted hands.


Access Local Markets with State-Side Manufacturing

Shipping internationally can oftentimes be contradictory to keeping your costs low. Entrepreneurs looking beyond their borders know that local manufacturing is the first step to expanding their business globally. By cutting out the middleman, Auxetic can protect your intellectual property and leverage local distribution channels.


Establish a Virtual Inventory

Reduce overhead risk and carrying costs by converting your physical inventory into digital inventory. Lightweight organizations know the best way to manage their products is to not manage them at all. Leverage the wave of digital transformation by letting Auxetic run your parts when you need them, and only when you need them.


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