We believe in Additive Manufacturing.

Our founders met while managing the additive manufacturing throughput for one of the world's largest decentralized 3D printing platforms.  From their vantage point, it became clear that the industry lacked an accessible yet professional point of contact that could provide an engineering-driven service to its customers.  In 2016, Auxetic was created to offer and emphasize the true benefits of rapid prototyping.


The team at Auxetic has provided insight and consultation to hundreds of projects that have considered the advantages of additive manufacturing.  With unique insight into the industry's design for manufacturing capabilities, Auxetic offers the right knowledge and technical expertise that can provide the best manufacturing solutions.



Our Home

Headquartered in New York City!  Auxetic is one of the few manufacturing sites hailing from the city that never sleeps, but we proudly service customers all over the United States with our swift quoting and rapid 3D printing services.



Our Founders

Headshot, Alex Meckes.png
Headshot, Christopher Cho.png

Alex meckes

Alex has an extensive history intertwined with additive manufacturing.  From serving as a 3D Printing Support Lead in North America to a critical additive research role at Harvard's Wyss Institute, his full stream knowledge of the supply chain provides unique insight onthe process of getting parts into customer hands.

Christopher Cho

Christopher brings an engineering prowess diversely empowered by his previous roles.  His experience working at a Fortune 300 aerospace supplier and an additive orthopedic implant OEM provides a distinctive technical understanding of engineering expectations from a contract manufacturer.


Our Team

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joeyee li

Growth Strategist

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vincent cascella

Sales Engineer


kenneth Tso

Software Engineer

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Jared eisenberg

Process Engineer

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Cade Dong

Mechanical Engineer